Not sure where to start?

Getting started recording, mixing and mastering your own music can be intimidating. There are so many options when it comes to software and gear - how do you even get started? 

We've compiled a good, better, best list of some solid pieces of gear that will set you on the right track.

Good - Mackie Onyx Bundle - Under $300

Looking to get started but don't want to spend too much - this Mackie bundle is your best bet. It includes an interface with Mackie's famous Onyx preamps and includes a microphone, headphones, cables and stand. This bundle doesn't come with monitors, but you can check out these Mackie CR-X monitors if you find you need them.

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Better - Focusrite Scarlett Solo & Presonus Eris E5 Bundle - Under $500 

Focusrite and Presonus have been prominent names in the audio production industry for decades. Both companies make solid gear and the Scarlett Solo and Eris E5 are both perfect for beginners. The Scarlett boasts pro-grade preamps that are super transparent and the E5 monitors are balanced with nice bass response. The bundle comes with everything you need to get started including mic, headphones, cables, pop filter and stand

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Best - Presonus AudioBox 96 Bundle - $500

Not only is Presonus known for their high quality gear; they really put effort into making their gear easy-to-use. Between their interface, DAW and monitors - anyone will be able to quickly and efficiently get started. This bundle includes the 2 channel AudioBox 96 and Eris E5 monitors as well as an upgraded mic and mic shield for better isolation.

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