Amp Essentials (Logic/Garageband)

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5 expertly-crafted versatile amp and pedalboard settings to elevate your guitar and bass tones in GarageBand or Logic Pro X

Feeling frustrated with the guitar and bass tones you are getting in GarageBand and Logic Pro X? 

The Sonar House Studios Amp Essentials Preset Pack will give you 5 expertly-crafted, MIX READY guitar and bass tones using stock Amp Designer and Pedalboard plugins in GarageBand or Logic Pro X

Presets include:


-Modern Rock - Versatile, overdriven rock tone that works for just about anything

-House of God - Pristine and crisp clean tone with expertly crafted delay and reverb settings

-Indie - Slightly overdriven and perfectly reactive to your strum


-Rock Bass - In-your-face rock tone with all the grit and grind of a cranked tube amp

-Clean Bass - Studio-grade clean bass tones - slightly compressed with crisp highs and deep lows


Don't use Logic Pro X or GarageBand? No worries, click here to let us know what DAW you need presets for.

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