Metal Preset Pack Pre-Order

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Don't see your preferred DAW? Pre-order from of the DAWs listed below and we will send you your preset pack within 1 week.

-Pro Tools 2020

-Garage Band (latest version)

- Studio One (Prime and above)

-FL Studio (Fruity and above)

-Cakewalk (Home Studio and above)

-Ableton Live (latest version)


Jumpstart your next mix with a set of carefully crafted presets, specifically tailored for metal genres.

The Sonar House Studios metal preset pack will give you the guidance you need to get thick, brutal mixes with your DAW's stock plugins.

Includes OVER 40 Presets such as:

-Killer EQ and compression settings for drums, bass, guitar and vocals

– Lush reverb and delay presets for vocals

– Versatile amp presets for guitar and bass

– Punchy preset for stereo bus compression